The Enchiridion

The young man dipped his head low to his chest and stepped from the doorway onto the street. It was raining; the fat, wet drops drummed a million icy fingers onto his neck and back, soaking him to the bone. Muted light from solar lamps strung across the cobblestone streets danced in the growing puddles […]

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This short story was originally published in Issue 7 of ScratchThat Magazine. The ghost appears the moment his lips leave mine, an ethereal mist in the corner of the bedroom. She wears my face, as they always do. I watch her over his bare shoulder, willing her to fade into the shadows. Some ghosts wither […]

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Checked Out

Bub takes three minutes to get to the store. Bungs on his double pluggers and trots in. Grabs a trolley on the way. Five minutes to close.

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A Confession

Judith stared at a spot on the concrete wall in front of her as the prison guard guided the metal detector down the length of her body. As he reached the curve of her hips she breathed him in, the heady scent of cedarwood and tobacco smoke curling into her nostrils.

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