Emma Nayfie
It me.

Hi, I’m Emma and I’m a creative writer. I live in Brisbane, Australia with my husband, our children, and our two dogs. We love going on hikes, sitting around campfires, and trying to outwit each other in card games. I read voraciously and have absolutely no room left in my bookcases. I will spend hours hunched over my art journal doodling or tapping away at my laptop. I love lifting weights at the gym just to prove to myself that I can. I’d live underwater if I could.

This is my personal website – don’t expect it to be a ‘mummy blog’.

I’ll write about writing

The first story I ever wrote was a Monkey Island fan fiction in the early ’90s; the golden-haired, wannabe pirate Guybrush Threepwood came to life, sat on the shoulder of a young girl and helped her find her voice when she felt overwhelmed by her school bullies. What I wouldn’t give to find the old 3-1/2 inch floppy disk I saved that story on.

These days, I write stories across several genres; from psychological thrillers, horror, fantasy, adventure, to noir crime. Truth is, I’m still feeling out all the nooks and crannies of my creative brain, so when an idea sparks I tend to run with it.

I love stories that sneak around the shadows and pop out unexpectedly from dark corners. I love stories that grab you somewhere deep in your guts, and twist. I write about love and longing, dystopian futures, and occasionally zombies. My work is inspired by years of serial killer obsession and insomnia-driven true crime binges on Netflix. It is fueled by gnawing anxiety about the end of the world, and the mother in me always trying to balance hopelessness and hopefulness in my thinking.

I write about burn out and recovery

There have always been stories inside me, but I got sidetracked with life and chose the path I thought would be the ‘most sensible’. I fell into a career that didn’t leave a lot of room for creativity and frequently clashed with my own personal values, which led me to complete burn out in 2018.

After months of depression, panic attacks, and an existential crisis in full swing, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Creative Writing at the Queensland University of Technology in 2019. It was one of the good decisions I’d made in my life; it gave me the time and space to unfurl a creative part of myself, which profoundly changed the way I see and show up within my own life. I’m still recovering; learning and growing into myself, rebuilding the relationships that are most important to me, and always seeking the authentic parts of myself that I had ignored for so long.

I write about mental health

It’s difficult to talk about it sometimes, but I think it’s important to talk about mental health. I write about it from the perspective of my own lived experience, as someone who lives with often debilitating anxiety and depression. I share my own thoughts, my own stories and experiences, with the intention of breaking down the stigma around mental ill-health, and hopefully helping someone else feel less alone.

I write about a lot of other things too

Wherever my mood takes me, I guess? Be warned, that could be anywhere!

You can get in touch with me at mail [at] emmanayfie.com

I am also on Twitter, and I’m terrible at it.