The Space I Take Up

A little over twelve months ago I made a decision to change my body in a way I never imagined I would choose to do. It was a difficult, but thoroughly considered decision, and a few months ago I decided it was time for me to get out of my own head about it and write about my experience.

To be perfectly honest, it started out as a plea for understanding and forgiveness from the people I love who I feared judged me harshly for my choice. I wanted to give them answers, explanations. But as the words began to fall onto the page, I realised that maybe I didn’t even know all the answers myself.

Around the same time my university’s student magazine, Glass began to call for submissions to their next issue. The theme for the issue was ‘complicated’ and, truth be told, my decision to change my body in this way was too.

This week, I am really pleased to announce that the folks at Glass has published my essay in full online – you can read it here. An abridged version will also appear in the print release of Glass later this month.

Please be aware that the essay comes with a content warning – it discusses body image issues and weight loss surgery.

Read The Space I Take Up on the Glass website.

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