The Enchiridion

The young man dipped his head low to his chest and stepped from the doorway onto the street. It was raining; the fat, wet drops drummed a million icy fingers onto his neck and back, soaking him to the bone. Muted light from solar lamps strung across the cobblestone streets danced in the growing puddles […]

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This short story was originally published in Issue 7 of ScratchThat Magazine. The ghost appears the moment his lips leave mine, an ethereal mist in the corner of the bedroom. She wears my face, as they always do. I watch her over his bare shoulder, willing her to fade into the shadows. Some ghosts wither […]

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Chaos Theories

This is my first attempt at an erasure poem, created using this article, via The Conversation. The text reads: stars eat their own we revolve around the sun in the search for life, past chaotic histories pushed into unstable orbits.

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I stumble; down to the creek bed that no longer runs down to rust-red clay, cracked like elephant skin down to bury myself beneath the bleached bones of a fallen scribbly gum.

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