I stumble;

down to the creek bed that no longer runs

down to rust-red clay, cracked like elephant skin

down to bury myself beneath the bleached bones of a fallen scribbly gum

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Checked Out

Bub takes three minutes to get to the store.

Bungs on his double pluggers and trots in.

Grabs a trolley on the way.

Five minutes to close.

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The Space I Take Up

A little over twelve months ago I made a decision to change my body in a way I never imagined I would choose to do. It was a difficult, but thoroughly considered decision, and a few months ago I decided it was time for me to get out of my own head about it and write about my experience.

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Smooth milk-bottle skin

salted caramel sauce eyes, butterscotch

snaps me to attention.

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A Confession

Judith stared at a spot on the concrete wall in front of her as the prison guard guided the metal detector down the length of her body. As he reached the curve of her hips she breathed him in, the heady scent of cedarwood and tobacco smoke curling into her nostrils.

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